‚Äčplants of a healing nature - blended for body, mind and spirit


I do not diagnose, prescribe or treat illness but rather educate on the safe and therapeutic use of herbs for wellness.  As part of or in addition to a consultation, I can create herbal preparations  (including herbal teas, bath and body products, tincture, flower essence and medicine bags).

1.  Soul Plan Reading  

Your Soul Plan helps you to better understand your life experience. It identifies challenges you may encounter in life, natural talents you have been given to overcome your challenges, and provides insight into your purpose and goals. Soul Plans are a modern interpretation of an ancient system of life purpose analysis, based on Hebrew numerology and the sound vibration of the name given to you at birth.

See an example Soul Plan chart and interpretation here.

$150.00. Cost includes preparation of your Soul Plan chart and a one hour reading in person, online or by phone.

2.  General Consultation 

We will discuss your intentions for our session - perhaps a specific issue you are working on or your life journey in general.  I will provide intuitive insight as received, which may include recommendations for herbal preparations that I can prepare for you or that you can purchase elsewhere.  We may also discuss recommendations for ceremony and ritual that you can incorporate into your life.  Each session is unique and follows its own path.

$60.00 for forty five minutes.

3.  Custom Tea Blend Consultation and Preparation 

We will discuss your desires/needs for a specific tea blend.    Some clients are looking for a particular therapeutic value while others have favorite herbs they enjoy and would like to incorporate into their diet.  I will prepare a custom blend of approximately 1 ounce of herbal tea.  Depending on how you prepare it, this will be enough tea for about 30-40 cups. 

$35.00 for thirty minutes.  Once your tea blend is prepared, I will hold the recipe (or give it to you) and refills can be prepared for $15.00.

4. Medicine Bag  

Thirty minute consultation plus follow-up discussion once your bag is prepared.  Medicine Bags are an ancient form of healing created and used by indigenous tribes around the world.  They are non invasive and energetic in nature.  Small leather pouches are filled with a variety of herbs, crystals, shells and other items from nature, along with intention for healing.  Medicine Bags are simply worn or carried and heal through the output of energetic vibrations and connection to the spirit of the wearer.  Each Medicine Bag is unique.

We will discuss your intentions for your medicine bag - perhaps a specific issue you are working on (body, mind or spirit) or general protection and healing for your life journey.  After that it will take me a few days to prepare your bag and you can either return to pick it up or I will send it to you.  Once it is complete, we can discuss how to use it and any further questions that you might have.

From $100.00. Cost includes consultation and preparation.

5.  Tea Tasting 

We will taste and discuss five different herbal teas.  We will talk about the herbs used in each blend and the therapeutic value of each.  Depending on the time of year, we can explore the garden to observe (and taste) the fresh herbs as they are growing.  There will be plenty of time for questions.  Tea blends will be decided in advance based on the particular desires and interests of the group. 

$15.00 per person, sixty to ninety minutes, depending on the number of people. 

6.  Classes   - price varies

I teach small classes on a variety of subjects including herbs for therapeutic function (ie, cold and flu, anxiety and depression, cleanse and detox) and herbs for body systems (ie, circulatory, digestive, lymphatic, etc).  Classes can be customized based on the desires of the group and can include hands on preparation of herbal remedies.

7.  Visit - No charge

If  you are simply curious about what I do and would like further information we can arrange a time to chat over a cup of herbal tea.   The same applies if you would like to browse and sample my herbal products and purchase directly from my home studio. 

From time to time I have open studio hours which do not require pre-arrangement.  Follow us on Facebook or sign our mailing list to be notified of these dates and times.

Consultations can be done in person, or online or phone.   All services available sliding scale.