I began my herbalism training while raising my family, often finding myself seeking a more natural, holistic approach to healing my children.  As my children grew, along with my experience, I began sharing my ideas and remedies with family and friends and so became Wild Sage Apothecary.  I feel fortunate that I can offer a more natural, therapeutic opportunity to help you heal your body. 

After being in the corporate world for 10 years, this journey was unexpected for me.   But as I delved deeper into my understanding of the healing powers of plants,  and allowed myself to be guided by my intuition, my services have continued to expand. I am in awe of healing plants and and how they can help us return to health in body, mind and spirit. These roots, leaves and flowers offer us their nutrition, medicine, beauty, magic and vibrations, for which I am very grateful.

I now think of myself as having a big basket of tools, each one with different medicine, though not in the modern sense.  I consider medicine anything that helps us heal.    When clients contact me, we look through my basket and decide which services or products are most relevant at the time.  My basket tends to grow and evolve, in response to client needs or intuitive nudges that I should add something new. 

Tel:  203 687 6075

Email: Renee@wildsageapothecary.com

Address: 41 Bokum Road, Chester, CT


About Renee

‚Äčplants of a healing nature - blended for body, mind and spirit