plants of a healing nature - blended for body, mind and spirit

About Renee

I am in awe of healing plants and and how they can help us return to health in body, mind and spirit. These roots, leaves and flowers offer us their nutrition, medicine, beauty, magic and vibrations, for which I am very grateful.

I spent ten years working in the corporate world, managing technology projects all over the US and Europe. I then spent 15 years raising my family, and during this time began to seek a more natural and holistic approach to health care for my family.  I took herbalism classes, grew my own medicinal herbs and made plant medicines.  As my children grew, and after sharing my ideas and remedies with many family members and friends, I decided to start a small business.  From the beginning my passion was to help people understand the many health gifts that plants offer and to educate on the safe and therapeutic use of herbs for wellness.  I made herbal preparations - tea blends, salves, flower essences and body products – and sold them through farmer’s markets, retail stores and online.

Over time, though, different ideas and urges arrived, some having nothing to do with my original "plan".  Being an Aquarian that loves change and variety I kept leaping into new areas... intuitive consultations, metaphysical healing tools and other services – all well beyond my original intention.  I now think of myself as having a big basket of tools, each one with different medicine, though not in the modern sense.  I consider medicine anything that helps us heal.    When clients contact me, we look through my basket and decide which services or products are most relevant at the time.  My basket tends to grow and evolve, in response to client needs or intuitive nudges that I should add something new.